Welcome to Robyn Skerrett Speech Pathology

Therapeutic interventions are based on a functional naturalistic approach with a strong emphasis on family involvement. Therapy sessions may be based in Robyn’s clinic at Chapel Hill, Brisbane , at the client’s home or in your child’s preschool/school setting, where parents and carers are offered support and training in programs which are specific to their child’s developmental needs.

Robyn and her team specialise in working with: Autism Spectrum Disorder, literacy and language delays and disorders, working memory deficits,  early childhood feeding, pre-school stuttering, speech disorders including complex phonology disorders,  attachment and mental health concerns, pragmatic and social language skills.

The following training programs  are offered to parents: PECS: Visual Strategies,  Social Stories, Hanen and SOS Feeding, throughout the year.

Teachers and Early Childhood Educators are offered training programs in identfying “red flags” for delayed speech and langauge development, classroom based interventions for children with ASD, Engagement and communcation strategies to support interaction with children on the Autism Spectrum in kindergarten and early childhood settings.

Small groups are offered to children to develop social pragmatic skills which support their capacity to play and build friendships with peers.